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Hi, Brad MacBeth here... and I hear from people all the time about the confusion of investing, RRSPs, TFSAs, etc. etc..

In the eighteen years I've spent helping people with their finances, I've noticed that most folks aren't comfortable with where things are at. And it doesn't matter whether they have a little, or have a lot.

Many people think that investing has to be very complicated, requires A LOT of money, and takes a lot of time or meetings to get right. I've got a Simple and Effective Guide to Investing in Canada that will get you started TODAY! And you can have the Guide right now - for FREE. It's full of information that you can can put into action right now.

Why am I giving it away? Because I know that some of the people who download it for free will eventually want to know more and might be interested in our Financial Peace Now online program. But whether you decide to upgrade or can have the full QuickStart Guide for free. Take it as a free gift from cost, and no obligation.

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